I started my career working in the graphic arts printing for major advertising firms. I still, 32 years later continue working in the printing / graphic arts field dealing with high quality detail work with color and detail. I use my experience doing professional photography to capture memories for you to hold on to.

    My photography business got started by doing small jobs for the local papers covering varsity high school sporting events to graduations.  After a while, I stopped working for the media and concentrated building my photography business to do more family portraits and events on my own.

     What to expect during your photoshoot. I like to keep it relaxing and to have fun. I avoid stressful situations and I like to go with the flow. Dress for the occasion for your session, If you need advice feel free to ask for my opinion.  I'm very critical with my lighting and I will carry along off camera flash equipment when doing outdoor sessions. 

     Most sessions last and hour, but it’s not uncommon that it goes over our session time slot. Again, I’m working for you so if more time are needed, we take it. Session that goes too long may have an impact on children as they start to get bored. And for the parents with young children, I ask that you let kids be kids.