Jeff Davis Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jeff Davis Photography (Jeff Davis Photography) Tue, 16 Jan 2024 17:18:00 GMT Tue, 16 Jan 2024 17:18:00 GMT Jeff Davis Photography: Blog 96 120 Mom to be. Your life is about to change, savor the memories by having beautiful portraits to cherish a lifetime.  


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Pet Portraits Having a photo of your pet hanging on your wall makes any room complete, and I offer custom wall design ideas for decorate you room nicely.


Pet photos to brighten any room.

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Professional headshots to look your best when meeting new clients. Having a profile picture taken by a professional photographer sets you apart from the rest. The first thing people see when meeting you is your face and clothing attire, so it's important to look sharp in your profile picture.Dress to impress!Professional Headshots for all your business needs.

Having a profile picture taken by a professional photographer sets you apart from the rest. The first thing people see when meeting you is your face and clothing attire, so it's important to look sharp in your profile picture.

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Chill and bright


Fall is one of my favorite times to photograph families. The change of colors that illuminate off the tree leaves can be breathtaking when the sun shines down on them. This chilly morning was full of sun so finding some shade was a little challenging. No matter of the situation, everyone was in a great mood and were all about the moment of having their pictures taken.



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Showing your character  

Having a professional headshot shows you are confident. Call today to have your headshot done.

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Senior portraits


Having the option to customize the background offers clients more and better options for the look they want. 

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Studio Headshots

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Indoor session Outdoor sessions can offer lots of opertunity but, nothing can compare to having portraits done with an indoor setting away from the winter cold elements. Keep your memories, indoor or outside, I'm here to create them for you. 


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Lavender Field Shooting in a lavender field during peek blooming sets for gorgeous photos.  


Lavender farmLavender farm

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Spring is in the air Spending time outdoors in my favorite, and working with families capturing memories makes it more worth while. I create a relaxing fun time while taking your photos.

Spring is in the air.Photo session in a wild flower field.



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Love you forever Winter can't stop love! We were lucky after having a days of cold weather the temperature warmed up enough to enjoy the engagement session. EngagementLove you forever.


Perfect setting for engagement photos! Mild late afternoon with a clear sky and the sun setting perfectly for that golden hour lighting.

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Fall Portraits When you hope the weather isn't too cold in November to do outdoor family portraits and your wish comes true. During our session the temperature reached into the low 70's and made it a little warm being dressed in fall outfits. But this little guy was loving all of it.



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Fall is in the air Taking pictures when the leaves are falling adds to the image. But sometimes we don't have the option and we must add them during post editing.

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Family Portraits Nothing I enjoy better than working with families during their photo session. Fall is a great time for portraits with and without the sun to capture great colors.

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Children Portraits I love the fall season. The colors on the trees makes it for great photos.

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Celebrating our next chapter in life_Engagement Nothing more rewarding than creating memories for engagement couples. 

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Business Headsots Many companies want a  professional headshot. I offer a small studio atmosphere setting for a relaxing experience.

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The mystery path of darkness Using the winter months to create fine art can be as breath taking as doing them in the spring and fall. It offers you great opportunities to create beautiful wall art that will be a heirloom in your family for generations to come. 




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Stand with the cold Winter portraits are a lot of fun to do. The brown colors in the background really add to the winter outfits that make you stand out. In my opinion, doing winter sessions are just as beautiful as shooting during the fall. And the below freezing temperatures don't have an negative impact with the younger children. 

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The time has come to start a new chapter in our lives! Nothing more exciting than to graduate and looking forward to whats next in life. We all strive to make a difference in life.

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The Frozen Bubble On my down time I like to take advantage of the chilling weather. If you don’t mind the cold, grab your camera and play with bubbles. I personally don’t have a scientific mixture. In fact, I don’t even measure what I throw together. I just took standard bubble mix you buy for kids, 100% glycerin (Purchase at any drug store) and Dawn dishwashing detergent.  The glycerin will help hold the bubble together when fighting a breeze. The Dawn dishwashing soap will make it easier making bubbles. I just poured about 2 TB of Glycerin and 2 TBS of Dawn dishwashing detergent together. I used a straw to create the bubble. Give it a try…

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Let it snow! The thing I enjoy the most is to see the wishes come true for families. When this session was first booked, I was asked if I could make their photo look like a winter scene. I told them sure, I'll add the snow during the post processing. That was over a month before the set date. To our amazement, we come to learn that snow was in the forecast for the very day of the photo session. This family wanted snow in their photo and mother nature decided to offer the real stuff. I love have things work out! 


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Feeling like winter! Even though the weather may not feel like winter. That doesn't mean we can't simulate the winter season. For those who want photos with the winter look, I'm here to help make that happen.

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Walk with nature! Peace Valley is a great place for photos. It offers great scenery and taking walks on the nature path can be adventurous.

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